Stop motion puppet process

I just finished making this stop motion puppet for an upcoming short by Molly Coffee at Zombie Cat Studios, in conjunction with the Atlanta Film Society and Hartsfield Airport.

I needle felted on top of a readymade ball and socket armature, adding wire in the hair, hands, and skirt for more movement. Looking forward to seeing Peggy come to life in Passing 66!

The Gwilliam campaign met its goal!

11231689_112613515744910_6297473189987036959_nThe campaign is over! Our goal was $7000 and we made $7,694!!! Thank you so much to everyone who donated, everyone who shared the campaign and all the sites who wrote about us! It means a lot that we got all this support! From now on we’re going to update you guys with behind the scenes pictures and other Gwilliam goodies!

Gwilliam finger puppet process

Making the prototype for an edition of finger puppets to promote Brian Lonano’s upcoming short film, Gwilliam–a terrible love story between man and goblin! The edition will be cast in urethane rubber to make them flexible.  Follow the link to support the film on indiegogo and get one of these adorable goblins while supplies last!