Doom Patrol (Puppet Patrol episode)

I designed these puppets and headed up the puppet construction through @zombiecatbuilds Our team did an amazing job making these and we had a blast puppeteering! Watch Doom Patrol on the DC Universe streaming platform!

Posted by Cedwan Hooks on Sunday, February 24, 2019

I got to make tiny props for marionettes in an upcoming episode of Doom Patrol! Thanks @zombiecatbuilds for including me on such a fun project. ️

Repost from @zombiecatbuilds using @RepostRegramApp – FRIDAY!!! It’s been super secret but we got to build 10 marionettes for @doompatroldcu . Those wonderful little labors of love can be seen Friday on DC Universe.


A few years ago I made this tiny Nautilus for a production of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at the Georgia Aquarium, designed by Ninja Puppet Productions and Brandon Ross Productions. It’s always fun working with those guys! This is a scaled down version of the full sized set piece. It was used as a rod puppet to show the Nautilus at a distance. Swipe to check out the process. I made the pattern out of paper, and then recreated it in L200 foam. The big windows are mylar and the tiny round windows are glass cabochons. The last photo shows the full sized Nautilus it’s based on, an impressive beast that was a group effort.️

Stop motion puppet process

I just finished making this stop motion puppet for an upcoming short by Molly Coffee at Zombie Cat Studios, in conjunction with the Atlanta Film Society and Hartsfield Airport.

I needle felted on top of a readymade ball and socket armature, adding wire in the hair, hands, and skirt for more movement. Looking forward to seeing Peggy come to life in Passing 66!