High school art

My best friend and I met in high school, but we only lived in the same state for one semester. We wrote long letters, talked for hours on the phone, flew on planes to visit each other, and through years of shared experiences, became family. At one point we photocopied all the letters and gave each other books of our own writing. This is the cover I made for Maya’s book when we were 16, back when I only drew in black and white. ??

High School Photos

I took these photos in high school with an old metal Minolta, the first machine I ever loved. I was lucky to have a great photography teacher who taught us more than just the basics. Learning this weird mix of science/art was the first taste I had of process-based art, my favorite thing ever.

These first two are of a friend covered in red body paint.

I took this b&w of my dad while he practiced spinning his revolver.

The color distortion in the toy photos was achieved through cross-processed slide film.