Another stage in the Golden Toothed Beauty build

I only had a couple weeks to make this, so it was a lot of experimenting and pushing forward without all the planning I normally do. Here I was trying out a flexible rope and foam stem, which would’ve made it more like a snake flower. I ended up going a different direction with it, but I’m still kinda into this idea. What do you guys think? Are there snake flowers in my future?

Cutting teeth for the Golden Toothed Beauty

They’re made out of L200, a closed-cell foam used in puppet and costume fabrication. It’s heat formable, can be carved/ sanded, and it’s easy to paint. I used this foam for most of the flower, finishing the surface with neoprene and acrylics to give it a resilient rubbery skin.

There’ll be an encore reception at Galeria Regina August 17th 5-9pm if you missed seeing this toothy beast the first time around.