The Froyo Fellas are finished and up for sale!


With swirls born of machines and magic, these dapper darlings inspire sugary mischief wherever they go. The spirit of a Froyo Fella is a dichotomy of crunchy, creamy complexity. Sharper than ice cream, these low fat adventurers brave the sunshine to seek a life outside the froyo shop, wild animals in their own right. The Froyo Fellas are full of wiggles and giggles, but sometimes bite–so watch your fingers.

Check out all 6 flavors!

The Froyo Fellas are almost done!

To paint the eyes, I masked out the area and airbrushed them with black acrylic. All that’s left to do is some minor touch ups, assembly, and varnishing! You can find out when these sweeties go up for sale on Etsy by subscribing to my newsletter. Stay tuned for overwhelming cuteness!

Painting cones

The first round of paint is an ivory black/ burnt sienna mix I brushed into the details. This layer will create shadows and texture that will show through the upper layers. Next up, airbrushing midtones. 

Upcoming show at Paper Ghost Studio


wm.froyo.1.smallAtlanta folks, come check out the Froyo Fella prototype in person! He’ll be joined with other sweet cuties June 13th at Paper Ghost Studio, 6-10 pm.


In the coming weeks, I’ll be finishing up production on an edition of 18 Froyo Fellas.  There will be 6 different flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, vanilla/ chocolate swirl, and vanilla/ strawberry swirl. One of each will have rainbow sprinkles! More progress pictures to come :)