Starting something new

Epoxy clay works best when used in layers so that there’s a solid support to work against. To start, I made a core form with monster clay, covered it with plastic, and sculpted the flower upside down on top. After the clay cured, I used a rotary tool to refine the shape. Next up, I’ll sculpt the stem.

Mask Process

Here’s the process for one of the masks I made for FX’s Atlanta! I built out the core form with paper, tape and plastic. The mask was sculpted from an air whipped epoxy clay on top of the core form, then removed for painting and finishing.

Gwilliam finger puppet process

Making the prototype for an edition of finger puppets to promote Brian Lonano’s upcoming short film, Gwilliam–a terrible love story between man and goblin! The edition will be cast in urethane rubber to make them flexible.  Follow the link to support the film on indiegogo and get one of these adorable goblins while supplies last!