Putting together the pieces

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I usually work on more complex sculptures like this in separate pieces to start with.  I keep them separate as long as possible so that the painting/ finishing process is easier.  It’s always satisfying to get to the last step, when I can finally see the sculpture as a finished whole.

Process shots

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I started out with a wire armature, then built up the form with epoxy clay. I textured the top part of the caulizombie by pressing the sculpture into a mold I created from real cauliflower.  After the final details were formed, I finished the sculpt with acrylic paint and varnish.

The Froyo Fellas are finished and up for sale!

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With swirls born of machines and magic, these dapper darlings inspire sugary mischief wherever they go. The spirit of a Froyo Fella is a dichotomy of crunchy, creamy complexity. Sharper than ice cream, these low fat adventurers brave the sunshine to seek a life outside the froyo shop, wild animals in their own right. The Froyo Fellas are full of wiggles and giggles, but sometimes bite–so watch your fingers.

Check out all 6 flavors! https://www.etsy.com/shop/GoldfishUnderwater

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