Origin Story

Gumheads are elemental spirits. They begin as forgotten wads of gum, stuck under tables and chairs. Most bubblegum is ordinary, but every once in a while, through a twist of fate (and a little saliva), old gumwads awaken as mischievous sprites.

Sticky and malleable, they love to steal and hoard tiny objects. They’ve got your DNA in them, but gumheads aren’t always friendly. They have a penchant for chaos when left unattended, but are easily won over with gifts and attention. Under the right circumstances, gumheads are fun companions and can bring good luck and adventure.

Flavors: Dubble Bubble and Very Berry

  • 5.5 x 3 x 1.75 inches
  • cast resin, acrylic paint, glitter, varnish; open variable edition
  • comes with a 4x6 inch miniprint
  • 2019