I’m interested in creature art that inspires unexpected empathy through a subtle shift in perspective.

I made the Breastables by sculpting epoxy clay breasts onto ready-made decorative foam fruit. Using ready-made objects as a starting point created a fun color/ texture matching challenge. It was important for the breasts to feel like a natural extension of the produce, echoing elements that give each fruit a distinctive look.

Women’s bodies have long been compared to fruit, a problematic analogy that’s fascinating to explore. Nude women and fruit are classic art subjects. The women often feel as consumable as the fruit, another kind of still life. The Breastables are an uncanny blend of creature and object, bodies without faces that still radiate personhood.

  • sculpture size varies between 3.25 and 8.5 inches; one of a kind sculptures in an open ended series
  • epoxy clay, fabric and acrylic on ready-made foam fruit; Granny Smith, Red Pepper, Lemon, Orange, Russet Potatoes, Sweet Potato, Banana, Beans, Jalapeño
  • 2020