Process shots

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Process shots of the @squishiepuss collab from a few weeks ago #wip #painting #atlart #freeformair

These pics are process shots of the sQuishiepuss collab from a few weeks ago. sQuishiepuss did the line drawing of the pug. I sculpted on top of it with an air whipped epoxy clay, layered the colors with acrylics, then varnished the brain to make it look wet.

Putting together the pieces

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Putting together the pieces #dunny #glittercloud #rainbow #wip #arttoy

I usually work on more complex sculptures like this in separate pieces to start with.  I keep them separate as long as possible so that the painting/ finishing process is easier.  It’s always satisfying to get to the last step, when I can finally see the sculpture as a finished whole.

Toxic studio

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#artiststudio #toxicroom #wip #artistlife #atlartist  #airbrush #moldmaking

I’ve been working on getting my studio space in order after moving into a new house, and it’s finally in full working order. This is where I do all my toxic stuff. It’s been great having more room!

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